Golf Course Etiquette for Beginners

Most experienced golfers can handle playing with someone who is just learning to play. Who has lower than average skills provided the new golfer possess adequate golf course etiquette and plays at a reasonable pace. Bad etiquette, however, is virtually guaranteed to prevent a future invitation to be part of the same group. Here are a few basic rules of golf course etiquette that will be useful for anyone just starting out and a good reminder for the more experienced golfers. Even before going

Finding The Best Road Bikes That Fit Your Style

Cycling is an activity that everyone can enjoy and it's also a great way to stay in shape. If you are just getting started, then trying to find the best road bikes can be an overwhelming task as there are many different types and styles to choose from. If you intend on riding for a long time, then consider spending a little more on a good quality road bike that will last.Another important factor when choosing the best road bikes is where you will be riding. This will determine the type of bike t

Best Smoker Grill Combo | (2021 Reviews & Top Picks)

We all love a good barbeque. There is nothing better than the smell of meat grilling in the open air. The sound of the grill always takes us back to summer days and cookouts with friends and family. If you’ve been grilling for a while, you are no doubt aware of smokers. You may have seen these at barbeque competitions, or eaten at restaurants that served smoked food. Smoking food takes barbecuing to the next level. But smoking is a longer process, and requires some more preparation. If you lov

How many types of Smoker Fuels are there?

How many types of Smoker Fuels are there? There are essentially only 4 types of fuel sources used to heat today's smokers. These are charcoal, propane, electric and wood pellets. I've heard of people using corn-cobs as fuel, but I've never tried it and I'm not sure I would want to. For any smokers out there using other types of fuel, all I can say is "Yuck" and "good luck". Charcoal barbecue smokers are probably the most popular and most widely available. More styles of smokers make use of ch

6 Types of Renewable Energy Sources You Must Know

Renewable energy sources…This is a term that we find all around us today. It is harped on by politicians and by news agencies worldwide. This term is the subject of much debate, and of ever increasing passions. Today more than ever, the world is realizing the need for implementing renewable energy sources as a way to mitigate against a coming global disaster, namely the global climate change occasioned by an excessive use of carbon based energy sources which are contributing to the incredible a

So What Really Happens After a Crash at the Tour de France?

We hate to admit it, but Tour de France crashes are sometimes just as memorable as a sprint finish or the winning attack in the final kilometers on Alpe d’Huez. (Who here is also guilty of having searched “cycling crashes” on YouTube?) While we never want any cyclist (pro or not) to get hurt doing the thing we love most, it’s no surprise that crashes garner lots of attention in a don’t-want-to-look-but-can’t-look-away sense. But what happens after a crash in the Tour de France is something we r